Crystal Catalogue

Crystals can speak to us through colour, texture, pattern, even sparkle. The crystal calling the loudest has a message to impart, a gift to give. Trust your instincts to lead the way.



If you are seeking balance, to attract good luck, maybe even trying to eliminate fear, perhaps Amber is the crystal for you.


A stabilizing stone excellent for motivation and stimulating creativity.


Amazonite, as well as being a good luck stone, is a stone for hard truths. If someone you know needs to a take a moment of self reflection, Amazonite is a good choice.


Sweet love, abundance, prosperity; is it any wonder Chrysoprase is a favourite among collectors?


Say goodbye to stress, strain, and irritability. Amethyst is the stone of emotion, releasing the negative while encouraging the positive.

Green Unakite

Gentle yet powerful energy. With natures green and pink represented in balance, green Unakite amplifies the heart chakra.


Known for being an excellent grounding and balancing stone. Need a burst of confidence? Hematite may be calling your name.


The knowledge stone, good for teaching patience, eliminating stress, rage, and pain.



The opaque Jasper helps to bring about a sense of tranquility and wholeness. Excellent protection stone as it absorbs negative energies.


Open you heart to the nurturing properties of Mookaite who just wants to help ease your stress and open your mind to change. You got this!

Leopard Jasper

Perfect for having on you when you are healing physically. Great for helping to detoxify as well. Hello strength and vitality!

Moss Agate

Is this a new chapter in someones life? Moss Agate, known as the new beginnings stone, helps to boost self esteem so that the wearer can open themselves to all the wealth and abundance around them.


Malachite is the perfect companion when you are focused on manifesting you life with intention.

Mother of Pearl

A stone of protection and emotional calm. The beauty and shimmer of this stone reflects harmony and intuition,

Pink Opal

Peace, love and hope, Punk Opal reflects the little hippy in all of us,



The healing stone, Serpentine, cleanses physically and emotionally. Excellent to wear when independence is your aim.

Yellow Agate

A good stone for students to have nearby when studying as Yellow Agate aids in memory retention, concentration, and logic.


Hello sunshine! Good morning Mrs. Luck! Ola happy day! Here’s Sunstone to illuminate the way.


The friendship stone that promotes positive thinking, empathy, happiness, and love.

Please contact me if these particular crystals aren’t speaking to you.