StatementRestores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity and positive life choices
Key WordsConfidence, courage, stabilizing, healthy sense of self, analytical, self esteem
PropertiesRemoves doubt & despair, promotes independent action, grounds & anchors in present reality, dispels apathy, concentration, sociability, creativity, individuality, harmony, happiness, reincarnation, past life recall, rebirth
Physical BenefitsStimulates a healthy appetite, good for blood & kidneys, increases physical energy, fertility, PMS/menopausal symptoms, relieves addiction especially food related, arthritis (men, coral is better for women)
ChakraSacral (movement, flow, pleasure, emotional body, creativity, sensuality)
ColourOrange (adventure, social communication)
Zodiac/MonthLeo / August
Associated CrystalsAmber coral, orange jasper, red jasper
Regarded asStabilizing stone