Green Unakite

PropertiesGreen Unakite (Jasper)
StatementI gently release the conditions that inhibit my spiritual & psychological growth
Key WordsOpens psychic vision, aids to visualize ones desire, dissipates negative energy, marriage stone
PropertiesBalances emotions, gratitude, positivity, openness, living in the now/moment, aids in returning to good health, relieves depression, love, compassion, stress reliever
Physical BenefitsAids in sleep, stress reliever, triggers self healing in the body, regulates breathing, relieves pressure of past trauma, reproductive system, aids in healthy pregnancy, growth of skin tissue & hair, release addictions, heart, lungs
ChakraHeart (compassion, love, beauty, spirituality)
ColourGreen, pink (balance, harmony, growth)
Zodiac/MonthScorpio / November
Associated CrystalsMoss agate, tree agate, rhodonite
Regarded asStone of vision