StatementStone of strong healing and grounding powers
Key WordsRelaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing, tranquility, completion, healing, consolation
PropertiesProvides protection, imagination, courage in problem solving, self honesty, balances yin & yang, organizational abilities, gives support during times of stress, tranquility, wholeness, unifying, aligns the chakras, shamanic journey & dream recall, determination, quick thinking
Physical BenefitsMenstrual issues, circulation, aching joints & muscles, increases energy & stamina, good for anemia or toxicity in blood, depression, fertility
ChakraRoot (stability, security, basic needs, base of the “self”)
ColourBrown, red, orange, yellow (security, protection, material wealth)
Zodiac/MonthVaried, depending on type of Jasper
Associated CrystalsAgate, bloodstone, tiger’s eye
Regarded asSupreme nurturer