Leopard Jasper

PropertiesLeopard Jasper
StatementI treat myself and others with kindness
Key WordsConnect with spiritual animal totem, spiritual discovery, shaman journey, regeneration, out of body experiences
PropertiesTranquility, wholeness, stability, self healing, spiritual discovery, grounding, protection, harmony, strength, vitality, personal growth,
Physical BenefitsRelease toxins, decrease body odour, circulatory, digestive, sexual organs
ChakraRoot (security, survival, providing a foundation for our lives )
ColourBrown, grey, red, sand, spots, swirls (friendly, approachable, loyal, trustworthy, honest, genuine, sincere)
Zodiac/MonthGemini / June Scorpio / November
Associated CrystalsDalmatian jasper, orbicular jasper, tree agate
Regarded asThe supreme nurturer, Shaman’s stone