StatementIt’s time to take responsibility for my actions, thoughts, & feelings
Key WordsProtection, absorbs negative energies, encourages risk taking & change
PropertiesDeep emotional healing, calming, positive transformation, wisdom, comfort, leadership, loyalty, peace, balance, releases inhibitions & develop empathy with others, creativity, intuition
Physical BenefitsGuards against radiation, clears electromagnetic pollution, Cramps, menstrual cramps, childbirth, (midwife stone)stomach, liver, lungs, migraines, kick-starts immune system, refreshes body & mind, boosts immune & nervous systems, lowers blood pressure, treats asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, swollen joints, vertigo, tumours, optic nerve, pancreas, spleen, parathyroid, stimulates liver to release toxins
ChakraHeart (compassion, love, beauty, integration)
ColourLight-dark green, banded (growth, balance, harmony, renewal, rebirth)
Zodiac/MonthTaurus / May Scorpio / November
Associated CrystalsAmazonite, aventurine, fuchsite
Regarded asStone of transformation, Stone of heaven, Stone of midwives