PropertiesMookaite (Australian Jasper)
StatementI benefit from the wisdom of my ancestors and the energy of the Earth
Key WordsNurturing, grounding, shielding, new beginnings
PropertiesPeace, nurture, versatility, healing, self confidence, will power, gives inner strength to overcome sorrow
Physical BenefitsImmune system, heals wounds, purifies the blood, bladder, cystitis, blood sugar regulation, pregnancy, slows aging & thoughts around aging
ChakraRoot (Security, safety, survival, root self, grounding, support & foundation of life, basic needs)
ColourRed, yellow, purple, scarlet (energy, passion, action)
Zodiac/MonthLeo / August
Associated CrystalsBanded agate, brecciated jasper, leopardskin jasper
Regarded asMother Earth stone; Mooka = “running waters”