Moss Agate

Properties Moss Agate
Statement Refreshes the soul and enables you to see beauty in all you behold
Key Words Nature, healing the planet, stabilizing, new beginnings, wealth, abundance
Properties Stimulate creativity, prosperity, success , abundance, congeniality, compatibility, healing, restoration, creativity, confidence, strength, new friendships, relationships, self esteem
Physical Benefits Birthing crystal used to lessen pain, quick recovery,cleanses circulatory & elimination system, lymph system, boost immune system, colds, fevers, infections, anti-inflammatory, fungal & skin infections
Chakra Heart (love, compassion, happiness, peace)
Colour Green/blue/yellow/brown/red (psychological &emotional harmony & balance, connection to nature)
Zodiac/Month Virgo/September
Associated Crystals Amber, leopardskin jasper, tree agate
Regarded as Gardener’s crystal