Mother of Pearl

PropertiesMother of Pearl (Nacre)
StatementProtection stone
Key WordsCalming, protection, love
PropertiesBalances emotions, intuition, imagination, sensitivities, adaptability, balances emotions, calms the temper, calms sense of fear, express you inner love, clarity in decision making process, endurance, organization
Physical BenefitsDizziness, improving vision, healing wounds, stress reducer, reduces aggression, memory & dream recall
ChakraSolar Plexus (ego-your core self -self esteem, will, power, assertiveness)
ColourWhite, off white, cream, beige, pale pink (purity, innocence, wholeness, completion)
Zodiac/MonthSagittarius / December
Associated CrystalsAmber, pearl, water opal
Regarded asBringer of the gentle healing power of the sea