Pink Opal

PropertiesPink Opal
StatementI promote love, eroticism, & passion in my relationship, to myself & others
Key WordsEmotional healing, emotional balance, heals the heart, luck, opportunity
PropertiesGrieving loss, connect with inner self, individuality, anxiety, fear, shyness, give & receive love, joy, self healing, happiness, reconciliation, calm, stabilizes the mind, rebirth, release anger
Physical BenefitsDiabetes, hypoglycemia, skin, circulation, spleen, liver, lungs, heart, connective tissue, balances blood sugar levels
ChakraHeart (love, compassion, healing, charity, warmth, joy
ColourPink, cream, lavender (unconditional love, understanding & nurturing)
Zodiac/MonthCancer / July
Associated CrystalsGarnet, rose quartz, green calcite,
Regarded asThe stone of spiritual awakening