StatementLet my personal power shine, I am proud of who I am
Key WordsGood luck, fortune, abundance, originality, abundance, independence
PropertiesGood nature, heightens intuition, freedom, sensuality, romance, luck, independence, self empowerment, warmth, strength, joy, positivity
Physical BenefitsSore throat, ulcers, stomach, depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), nightmares, digestion, vitality, warms the body, increases metabolism, depression, despair, reduce fears & anxiety, cartilage & spine issues
ChakraSolar Plexus (will power, personal power, mental abilities) Root (establishing our basic needs & establishing our foundation)
ColourOrange, tangerine, yellow, peach (warmth, happiness, emotional strength, optimism, uplifting)
Zodiac/MonthLeo / August Libra / October
Associated CrystalsCitrine, fire opal, topaz
Regarded asStone of leadership, abundance, good luck