Tiger's Eye

PropertiesTiger Eye
StatementA stone of protection
Key WordsRelease fear & anxiety, focus the mind, provide clarity
PropertiesProtection, clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, grounding, power, courage, grace
Physical BenefitsEnergizing,, reduces cravings from excess (food, drugs, alcohol etc), digestion, eases ulcers, detoxification, stomach, gall bladder,
ChakraSolar Plexus (confidence, vitality, empowerment, follow your dreams, live your best life)
ColourHoney, Golden brown (security, protection, material wealth, stability, structure, support)
Zodiac/MonthGemini / June
Associated CrystalsAmber, Carnelian, Golden Topaz
Regarded asAn amulet against curses or ill wishes. An “all seeing, all knowing” stone.